Glycogen, an intricate polymer of glucose molecules, is a fundamental energy reserve in living organisms, playing a pivotal role in maintaining metabolic equilibrium. This review aims to elucidate its multifaceted functions, regulatory mechanisms, and physiological significance.Primarily synthesized and stored in the liver and muscles, glycogen serves as a readily mobilizable energy source during times of heightened demand, such as fasting or physical exertion. Its unique structure, characterized by α(1→4) linked glucose chains with frequent α(1→6) branch points, facilitates rapid enzymatic degradation by glycogenolysis, yielding glucose-1-phosphate for glycolysis and energy production.The regulation of glycogen metabolism is finely orchestrated by intricate signaling pathways and hormonal cues. Glycogen Control Reviews. #Glycogen Control Reviews #WhatIsGlycogen


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Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing